Microlab M-223 (2.1) Subwoofer Speaker


  • Model: Microlab M-223
  •  Elegant and powerful 2.1 subwoofer system with depth and full-range audio performances
  •  Deep bass subwoofer and crystal clear satellites in carefully designed cabinets
  • Front panel with individual bass, treble, and master volume controls
  • Bass reflex design for efficient subwoofer performances
  •  Made with quality sound handling materials for superb sound handling characteristics

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Output power 17 Watt RMS
Power distribution 4х2+9 Watt
Frequency response 60-20 000 Hz
Signal/Noise ratio 70 dB
Separation 40 dB
Tweeter driver type 2,5
Tweeter rated power 4 Watt
Bass driver type 4
Bass rated power 9 Watt
Color Black
Output 2RCA
Input 2RCA
Satellites 88 x 150 x 95 mm
Subwoofer 155 x 225 x 270 mm
Product Net weight 3,0 kg
Warranty 1 Year

Categories:  Sound System, Speaker, Microlab Speaker

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