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f&d speaker price in Bangladesh 2023

F&D (Fenda Audio) is an Indian audio equipment manufacturer that specializes in producing speakers, home theaters, and soundbars. They were established in 2006 and have since become a popular brand in India for affordable yet high-quality audio products.

Buy the Latest F&D price List in BD 2023

F&D offers a wide range of speaker options, including 2.1, 4.1, and 5.1 channel speakers, portable Bluetooth speakers, and soundbars. Their products are known for their powerful sound output, excellent bass, and clear audio quality. They also feature modern designs that blend well with any home decor.

F&D Bluetooth Speaker Price in Bangladesh

In addition to their audio equipment, F&D also produces multimedia speakers that are suitable for use with computers, laptops, and smartphones. Their products are designed to enhance the audio experience of movies, music, and gaming.

Buy the Best F&D Speaker  Price in bd

Overall, F&D speakers are a great choice for those looking for high-quality audio products at an affordable price point. They have a wide range of products to choose from and offer excellent value for money.

Latest F&D price List in BD 2023

F&D List Price in BD
F&D A111X 2.1 Channel Multimedia Bluetooth Speakers 4000৳
F&D A140X 2.1 Channel Multimedia Bluetooth Speaker 4450৳
F&D A180X Multimedia Bluetooth 2:1 Speaker 4450৳
F&D A521 X 2.1 Channel Multimedia Bluetooth Speakers 5700৳
F&D F190X Bluetooth 2.1 Multimedia Speaker 5300৳
F&D F203G 2.1 Channel Loud Speaker 2200৳
F&D F210X 2.1 Multimedia Bluetooth Speaker 3800৳
F&D F380 X 2.1 Channel Multimedia Bluetooth Speakers 5850৳
F&D F3800X 5.1 Bluetooth Home Theater Speaker 8200৳
F&D F5060X 5.1 Channel Bluetooth Multimedia Speaker 14000৳
F&D F550X 2:1 Bluetooth Speaker 6300৳
F&D F580X 2:1 Bluetooth Speaker 7700৳
F&D F590X 2.1 Bluetooth Multimedia Speaker 7000৳
F&D F670X 2:1 Bluetooth Multimedia 7550৳
F&D F770X 2:1 Multimedia Bluetooth Speaker 9500৳
F&D HT-230 Soundbar Bluetooth Speaker 6500৳
F&D R27BT Multimedia Bluetooth Speaker 7900৳
F&D T-200X 2:1 Bluetooth Soundbar 8650৳
F&D T-300X 2:1 Bluetooth TV Soundbar 9400৳
F&D T-400X Full Wooden 2.1 Tower Bluetooth Speaker 14000৳
F&D T-70X Bluetooth Tower Speaker 23000৳
F&D T35X 80 W Bluetooth Tower Speaker 11100৳
F&D T60X Tower Bluetooth Speaker 17200৳
F&D T88X 2.0 Channel Wired Bluetooth Tower Speaker 36750৳
F&D W15 Portable Bluetooth Speaker 3200৳
F&D W19 Portable Bluetooth Speaker 3500৳
F&D W24 Portable Bluetooth Speaker 2900৳
F&D W5 Plus Portable Bluetooth Speaker 2200৳
F&D W7 Portable Bluetooth Speaker 2200৳
F&D W8 Portable Bluetooth Speaker 2200৳
F&D HT-330 Soundbar Bluetooth Speaker 10300৳
F&D HT-350 2.1 Soundbar Wireless Bluetooth Speaker 16000৳
F&D HT-388D 2.1 Soundbar Bluetooth Speaker 19500৳
F&D PA924 Bluetooth Party Speaker with MIC 12200৳
F&D PA938 Bluetooth Party Speaker with mic 19500৳
F&D PA300 Bluetooth Party Speaker with mic 20500৳


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