Antivirus price in bd

The importance of antivirus to keep your computer, tab, mobile, device safe from viruses is immense. To keep your PC and other devices safe from cyber attacks, you need to keep your antivirus and internet security software up to date. There are many types of antivirus on the market and the best antivirus and internet security are Kaspersky. Green Valley Systems has been selling in the market for a long time. We have various Kaspersky Internet protection packages. Here we have internet protection with the best price for 2 users, 3 users, and 1 user. Best antivirus price in Bangladesh.

What Are the Benefits of Antivirus and Internet Security Software?

Antivirus solutions protect more than just laptops, office computers, servers, smartphones, and tablets. They protect precious memories, music and photo libraries, and important documents from destruction by malware. Make sure your protection is up to the challenge of defending against the latest threats. Antivirus price in bd

Modern antivirus solutions are capable of:

  • Detecting, blocking, and removing viruses, malware, and ransomware
  • Preventing identity theft and block phishing and fraud
  • Warning about dangerous websites and links before you click
  • Scanning the Dark Web to find if an email address has been compromised
  • Keeping online accounts protected with secure password encryption
  • Providing simple training to teach you and your family how to be even safer online
  • Tuning up your computer to keep it running smoothly, just like new

What Does Antivirus and Internet Security Software Do?

Antivirus price in bd

Several different companies build antivirus software and what each offer can vary but all perform some essential functions:

  • Scan specific files or directories for any malware or known malicious patterns
  • Remove any malicious code detected –sometimes you will be notified of an infection and asked if you want to clean the file, other programs will automatically do this behind the scenes.
  • Allow you to initiate a scan of a particular file or your entire computer, or of a CD or flash drive at any time.
  • Allow you to schedule scans to automatically run for you
  • Show you the ‘health of your computer


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