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The journey of Microlab Started In June 1998 the Microlab the laboratory was founded, specializing in R & D high- quality multimedia audio. In March 1999, Microlab invests in a joint venture with the U.S. International Microlab Blue Electronics Technology Co., Ltd. Microlab’s product a line passes the Great Wall certification in February 2000 and the British NQA of ISO9001: 2000 quality management system certification in January 2002. Microlab first launched the “Independent Power Amplifier” Multimedia Audio A-6301 in October 2002.

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The speaker is an important discovery for the entertainment and various uses of human history. Microlab speakers are one of the most widely used speakers in the world. Microlab has speakers of different sizes such as
2: 1, 4: 1,5: 1,2 pieces USB, Bluetooth, more remote. All models have excellent sound quality. Microlab speakers are a great invention for sound lovers.

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